Real-Time Microservice

Distribute Real Time Market Data in the Cloud

Xignite Real-Time Microservice is a cloud-native real-time data distribution solution that enables financial services firms to distribute real-time data internally and externally via highly scalable and flexible cloud APIs, eliminating on-premise infrastructure.


Eliminate On-Premise Infrastructure

Eliminate expensive and redundant on-premise infrastructure and reduce operational overhead.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Optimize infrastructure costs and reduce total cost of ownership.

Accelerate Time to Market

Accelerate time to market for any new applications by integrating all entitlement and usage reporting functionality.

Streamline Data Flow

Control and monitor business critical systems.

Reduce Operational Overhead

Reduce infrastructure costs and operational overhead.

Standardized Data Connectors

Xignite Microservices are vendor-agnostic and can bring transformative results to any data set you license or collect. Today we have standardized data connectors for the Real-Time Microservice to these vendors. We also can quickly build data-driven feed handlers to additional data vendors or directly to exchanges.


Xignite Real-Time Microservice lets you distribute real-time data internally and externally via Cloud APIs.

  • Scalable

    Proven, massively scalable infrastructure capable of supporting enterprise loads across all asset classes.

  • Deploy in AWS

    Multi-asset class support on a single platform optimized for storage and performance available for deployment in your own AWS account or as a managed service with fully integrated system monitoring

  • Low Latency Quotes

    Reliable delivery of quotes with low latency and optimized to deliver high throughput at the lowest total cost.

  • RESTful APIs

    Hyper-scalable RESTful APIs for integration directly into applications.

  • Delivery Options

    Option for delivery via lightweight HTTP streaming protocol (JSON Patch) with ability to stream and fan out quotes directly to devices (web or mobile).

  • Compliance

    Full integration with Xignite Entitlements & Usage Microservice for granular and compliant control.

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